Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vintage-jewelry and pearls

Time has been flying really, where the summer even has gone? Finally I've received Vintaj and Trinity orders that I was waiting so much. It has been such enjoyable to create new jewelry and new style.

Winter rose

This delicate rose is made of shell. It's just gorgeous, shining and there are so tiny beautiful details in the rose. I've attached rose to Trinity antiqued silver connector, which has beautiful rose figures. There are several shell leaves on necklace, they're connected with fancy fleur-de-lis connectors. It will be my pleasure to design wedding jewelry for next years wedding shows.


When my sister saw all the jewelry findings, shells and pearls, she wanted to learn jewelry making also. She designed first these beautiful shell earrings (on the right lower corner) with fuchsia freshwater pearls. I have lost my heart to abalone shells, they're so amazing. Shining in different colours and each one is unique peace, there are no two the same! There's also my first trial to combine synthetic gemstone with freshwater pearls, fall leaves match so well together with fuchsia pearls.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Recognition and confession

Thanks for Marjo who gave me a blog recognition. She has challenged me also to spread this award among bloggers so here it goes.

When you receive this award, so must do the following 7 points:
Give thanks to whom you have received recognition for
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Tell them to seven confession

Seven things that others don't know about me? Hard, since I'm open and talkative...
  1. I didn't like beaded jewelry before I saw Marjo's blog and her jewelry
  2. I learned to make twisted link only recently
  3. I make jewelry at night, I'm a night bird
  4. I was scouting when I was child and I loved it
  5. People say I'm a child of nature, maybe because of my creativyness
  6. I'm a little bit shy and cover it by talking a lot
  7. I like more netshopping than "real" shopping
And the seven blogs who get this recognition? Here's a list of my favourite blogs (unfortunately can't give Marjo this recognition back) and I challenged authors of these blogs to spread the recognition:

Now it's your turn to confess, we love reading!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Broken dreams, falling stars, just life...


Once as a child I asked a falling star
for a good fortune on life,
I didn't expect years lonelyness,
not a war for money,
not a lost love, 
not tears which were so hard
that they crashed like crystals dropping on floor,
Just when I believed I failed,
raised wintry full moon,
lightening thousands and thousands of stars,
and when I saw one falling star,
I wished for nothing,
I knew I got a fortune long ago,
without that
I wouldn't even understand
the beauty of the stars on the sky.

Broken Dreams

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vintage jewelry

Adorable fairy

GoldLily got finally a distributor agreement with Vintaj Natural Brass Co. The very first vintage style brass findings have been ordered and I have a lot of new inspirations. Beautiful components and filigrans faschinate and inspire to new trials.

This will be a stunning middle part of necklace or bracelet. It would be just a perfect hair jewelry!

Brass is long-lasting and affordable jewelry material. Jewelries can be protected finalizing them with wax (not mandatory with Vintaj), but Vintaj-brass does not get rusty or turn into green when touching skin. These components are free of nickel and lead (what a wonderful thing for an allergic person). Vintaj is using only copper and zink to manufacture brass; that way they achieve good qualities of jewelry metal and beautiful outlook.

Component for earring or an pendant. Ideas are unlimited

Within a couple of weeks I've received ordered components and can finally design Vintage jewelry. Until that I have to satisfy myself with creating other jewelry and be patient...

More information about Vintaj