Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vintage jewelry

Adorable fairy

GoldLily got finally a distributor agreement with Vintaj Natural Brass Co. The very first vintage style brass findings have been ordered and I have a lot of new inspirations. Beautiful components and filigrans faschinate and inspire to new trials.

This will be a stunning middle part of necklace or bracelet. It would be just a perfect hair jewelry!

Brass is long-lasting and affordable jewelry material. Jewelries can be protected finalizing them with wax (not mandatory with Vintaj), but Vintaj-brass does not get rusty or turn into green when touching skin. These components are free of nickel and lead (what a wonderful thing for an allergic person). Vintaj is using only copper and zink to manufacture brass; that way they achieve good qualities of jewelry metal and beautiful outlook.

Component for earring or an pendant. Ideas are unlimited

Within a couple of weeks I've received ordered components and can finally design Vintage jewelry. Until that I have to satisfy myself with creating other jewelry and be patient...

More information about Vintaj

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