Friday, October 16, 2009

Recognition and confession

Thanks for Marjo who gave me a blog recognition. She has challenged me also to spread this award among bloggers so here it goes.

When you receive this award, so must do the following 7 points:
Give thanks to whom you have received recognition for
Copy and paste the image to your blog
Put a link to the person from whom you received recognition for
Mail-seven cases of yourself, what others do not yet know
Give recognition to seven
Link to this blog
Tell them to seven confession

Seven things that others don't know about me? Hard, since I'm open and talkative...
  1. I didn't like beaded jewelry before I saw Marjo's blog and her jewelry
  2. I learned to make twisted link only recently
  3. I make jewelry at night, I'm a night bird
  4. I was scouting when I was child and I loved it
  5. People say I'm a child of nature, maybe because of my creativyness
  6. I'm a little bit shy and cover it by talking a lot
  7. I like more netshopping than "real" shopping
And the seven blogs who get this recognition? Here's a list of my favourite blogs (unfortunately can't give Marjo this recognition back) and I challenged authors of these blogs to spread the recognition:

Now it's your turn to confess, we love reading!


  1. Thank you so much! I am honored! I will pass along this wonderful award and hopefully the great karma that comes with it.

    Stand and recognize Gold Lily for her awesome blog and her warm generosity!!!

  2. I have gotten this type of award b4...very revealing isn't it ;-) Congrats!

  3. Yes, it's revealing but fun also. Thanks for reading. Janet, you have very lovely background in your blog, I like the style.