Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blog grand opening!

Finally my blog is opened. I'm adding texts, photos, links, gadgets as much as I have time. So far it has been really intresting to see that my blog in Finnish has gotten readers. Guestbook will be the same in Finnish blog and in English blog so all my visitors will be seen in both sites.

Here's the first photo to this blog, it has been success in Finland:

Valkyria chain
Valkyria is made from gold filled and sterling silver wire with gold filled beads. After making the design so far I ran out of sterling silver wire. Maybe for good since while I waited to receive my order a lot of design possibilities came up to my mind! Within a week I'll have a several variants of Valkyria chain created and hopefully I can add photos of them to this blog.


  1. Very pretty.
    I'm your first "follower" and signed your guestbook!
    I wish you all the best.
    :o) button

  2. Great to get a new friend! I'll be updating blog so I hope there will be also some useful ideas for your own success.