Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Contest for Promotion and Free Verified Membership in Artfire

We love contests and we hope that you do too. In order to make this more temptating, I'm offering free promotion for your studio and free Arfire Verified Membership!

Join Artfire Member
Refer other crafters to join at site at There is NO LIMIT to referral entries! Just make sure to remind them that when they refer they need to use the link on blog.

First 12 referrers will get:

1. A blog post about you shop and the link to our site: and
2. Promotion of your shop in Twitter twice per day for one week period
3. Promotion of your shop in Facebook twice per day one week period

One of the referrers will be chosen to get Verified Artfire Membership..

How to participate

1. Click on link above to sign Artfire Verified Membership
2. Send e-mail kultalilja(at)
3. You must sign up as a paid verified member for the referral to count as a point (Basic signups who later convert will NOT count).

Chosen Winner Verified member will get
  • full functionality and the ability to list unlimited items in your Fusion Studio absolutely free for life
  • That's a savings of $144/year for each of you just for sharing what you love about and as our way of recognizing your commitment to the success of the community!
  • Each of the people who sign up will also get Free Ride program offer in their My Artfire until the end of the promotion.
  • Promotion schedule for participants will be agreed separately with each participant.

The contest will run for a limited time. I'll give you a 30 day countdown once the end date of the contest is set.

Have fun and good luck!

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