Friday, September 4, 2009

Featured Artist of the Day - CreativeCritters

CreativeCritters makes polymer clay sculptures, mixed media jewelry, adorable handsewn cloth dolls, knit stuffed toys, polymer clay pen sets, and World of Warcraft plush characters. The Artisan behind CreativeCritters has been an artist since she was child. She loves animals, nature, and the world of fantasy and this is reflected in her sculptures.

Isn't this amazingly cute?

She also makes very detailed miniature polymer clay houses surrounded with beautiful landscaping. One of her log cabins was featured in the October 2008 issue of Polymer Cafe magazine. Fantasy has always lighted a creative spark in her, and many of her sculptures sprang into life with that spark. Fairies, wizards, gnomes, trolls, and dragons have all been sculpted over the course of her artistic career. Her talents has been noticed: "Scorch the Rockin' Dragon" was featured in the February 2009 issue of Polymer Cafe magazine.
Nature and recycling is important aspects of her career: she tries to use recycled materials as well- everything has a use! She never throws out clothing, old purses, or trinkets that could be turned into something new. That's something that we all should learn: to be inspired by turning something old to something new, contemporary, just a piece of art as CreativeCritters does!

Got intrested in? Find CreativeCritters at Artfire:


  1. I love the idea of using recycled materials. I love the vintage look.

  2. Recycling is cool, should learn to recycle more materials. I'll post later an article of recycling idea's. Thanks for your comment which made me to think that.

  3. You're welcome. Nice that you like'd it :-)

  4. Great Fantasy items in CreativeCritters Studio!