Sunday, September 13, 2009

Magic Of The World in Swarovski Crystals

Lucky Charm, The Symbol Of Love

The hot indian summer is coming to an end, fall begins. Days are shorter and less sun shine day after day. With Swarovski crystals you can expand summer to last whole dark season until next summer. At fall nature is glowing in different colors. The same colors are sparkling on crystals.

Swarovski has gotten newest inspiration from breathtaking beauty of nature. New-becomers in Swarovski family are Purple Blossom and Enchanted Microcosm according Swarovski webmagazine. Fairies and elfs, dream creatures are captured to Microcosm. Purple Blossom symbolizes the spiritual richness of life with its magical shades and the range of hues. Swarovski obviously has understood the worlds growing intrest to Harry Potter, Fairies and other magical figures.

Trendy 80's is back again, symbols are the word of the season. Crosses, hearts, lucky charms should be weared with pride as well as graffiti look, showing Rock'nRoll attitude with colorful necklaces and bracelets.

Enjoy darkening evenings using sparkling Swarovski and indulge in this mysterious and magical world of symbols, fairies and elfs.

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