Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Book review: Silver Clay Basics

Popularity of silver clay (actually all precious metal clays) has grown rapidly. More and more crafters are joining classes to explore the fashinating world of silver. It is very easy to create unique jewelry from silver thus temptating jewelry crafters. Without soldering it is possible to make pendants, rings, bracelets, anything.

"Silver Clay Basics" offers wide variety of ideas. Even the book is in English, it is pretty easy to follow instructions without English skills. The book offers a lot of information about silver clay, how to handle it, techniques and gives inspirations to try different ways to use silver clay. It is speciality written for beginners, but it offers very delicated models for experienced crafter. Silver Clay Basics is excellent book for source of inspiration and I recommend book for every jewelry crafters home library.

My very first trial with silver clay, butterfly with zirconias

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  1. Very good looking butterfly! Makes me want to try the silver clay too. Thanks for posting the review of the book. BEBs